Join a Real Estate Team or Go at it Alone as a Solo Realtor?

By Rochelle Burnett, First Year Coach

As the First Year Coach at Keller Williams Realty Greater Des Moines office, I hear new agents say all the time, “I should join a team, that will be an easier way to start this career.”

So let’s break this concept down. New Realtors often want to join a team for the two following reasons.

  1. Belief that the team will provide leads.
  2. Belief that you can’t go at it alone.

In regards to #1. This may or may not be true. The team owner may be in need of someone to help with all the leads they have, but they may also require YOU to bring IN some leads. This team owner will likely ask you to go door knock, do open houses, complete and share your database with the team, cold call for-sale-by-owners and expired listings, and other cold calling possibilities. So, if you are interviewing teams, you need to ask where and who business is expected to come from. You will also have a “split” with that team, meaning whatever you earn in commission is shared with the team for expenses. So, if you plan to do a lot of lead generating on your own, you may want to think about keeping the commission all to yourself (by going at this alone).

In regards to #2. So many first year Realtors are nervous to go at it alone so they think a team will be great to shadow. At Keller Williams, you are never really alone. Our culture in our office is to always be helping others. We are heavily known for our training and education. By attending class often, you will quickly become comfortable with real estate language, markets and scripts. We also provide coaching in your first year, so you always have someone to reach out to and learn from.

I also recommend trying your first year solo because often a team will designate you to work with sellers only or buyers only…and if you have never worked either, you don’t yet know which side you prefer.

Another reason to be solo your first year is to meet who the Team Players are at your designated brokerage. If you jumped on a team from the get-go, what would happen later if you realized you mesh with a different team later? Get to the office, meet people first, before making a major team decision.

Never worry, you won’t feel “alone” at Keller Williams. The first year coaching (called Productivity Coaching) is like a team in itself. You’ll find lots of partners/friends to practice real estate with.

This sounds like I’m negative about teams, when in all reality, I have a team myself! Teams do have it’s advantages. Some people love the camaraderie of a team. Some crave or require the accountability. Some love the support when life gets crazy. There are wonderful advantages of a team, it’s just my suggestion to give Keller Williams Realty and your new career some time on it’s own before making a major decision.

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